O B J E C T I V E:

Implement the necessary measures to strengthen the modernization of physical infrastructure in general population health, through the rational and optimal use of existing capacity, through the evaluation plantacióny actions, consistent with decentralized bodies, government services and the National Institutes of health, as well as to update and develop the legal framework in the field and provide ongoing advice capacitacióny establish mechanisms informatio ny analysis of qualitative and quantitative results of the investment programs nationally authorized to assess their exercise and to make appropriate recommendations.

F U N C T I O N S:

Issue in coordination with decentralized bodies , state Health Services and the National Institutes of Health, Annual Programs for the development of physical infrastructure , assessing if ejecucióny issuing related recommendations , in accordance with the provisions of the Health Master Plan. 
Propose integracióny orientation of development programs in Health Physical Infrastructure short and medium term in accordance with the policies, strategies and programs that are implemented at the national level . 
Suggest linking works and conservation programs with the various entities in the health sector at federal and state level to unify criteria for the harmonious development of the physical infrastructure in the country Health . 
Promote compliance with laws , regulations, standards applicable to the assessment of real estate planeacióny infrastructure investment property programacióny control , budget control and exercise control and execution of public works. 
Continually analyze and evaluate the existing physical infrastructure of the Secretariat and of the decentralized bodies , state Health Services and the National Institutes of Health and preservation processes , in order to issue the corresponding recommendations for actualizacióny its modernization. 
Evaluate and authorize proposals and dissemination of standards and requirements of quality management system at national and international levels , suggesting if your incorporacióna the Official Mexican Norm (NOM ) . 
Advise and provide technical assistance in the development of physical infrastructure to the decentralized bodies and decentralized public agencies at central level and in the Federal States . 
Evaluate issues relating to the minutes of the handover , compliance, terminations , etc . of work performed in the area of ​​competence . 
Authorize contratacióny elaborac ng architectural engineering projects and genres and types of corresponding units , included in the annual investment program. 
License upon presentation of the reports of the committees of Public Works and acquisitions, public works contracts and related thereto , acquisitions, leasing services, according to establ two programs in its area of ​​jurisdiction and applicable laws and institutional regulations to monitor the timely report to the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Public Service . 
Evaluate the guidelines and procedu ents necessary for the proper care , control and monitoring of audits , which public works and services relating thereto , for the construction , maintenance conservation practice niento and equipment , and the closing and settlement of the respective contracts and agreements , instructing the Department of Procurement and Contracts on the procedures to be applied .
Driving the actions inherent in the conduct of procurement procedures for the award of public works and related to them , by the Directorate General for Development of Physical Infrastructure services; advise the contracting areas for the development and implementation of programs of work, tenders for the performance of its functions are implemented , as well as advice and cooperation to the decentralized bodies , state services of Health and National Institutes of Health. 
Authorize applications for modification of contracts and establish the development of the corresponding agreements including those that exceed 25 % in value and / or term originally hired to bring them to the consideracióny Released higher authorities , as appropriate 
Authorize the guidelines and procedures in the Directorate General for Development of Physical Infrastructure for proper care , control and monitoring of audits , which public works and services related thereto are practiced . 
Contribute to the involved areas of the Directorate General for Development of Physical Infrastructure, establish procedures for the control and monitoring until settlement of the contracts and agreements for public works and services related thereto , prepared for the execution of the works that were assigned . 
Participate in the celebration of partnerships in coordination with public , social and private sectors involving research will promote technological innovation and development on project work, equipment and infrastructure for conservation Cie health services . 
Regulate the planning, project, conservation construcciony Housing Infrastructure Secretariat and its corresponding media to promote compliance and aplicacióna concentrated organs , services state of Health and the National Institutes of Health.

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